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Adventure Terrain is proud to present our 28mm dug-in markers. These are stands for and skirmish game where you want that little extra on the gaming table. No need for a chit to say the figures are dug-in, just put them in these bases and they will look great on the board.

Our first line will be 15mm roads made in an high quality and durable resin. They measure 1 3/4" wide. These will be a general purpose dirt road and the resin will be colored in an Earth tone if you want to play with them as is, they will look fine.  If you wish to paint them, you can do that too. What makes these roads special is that they snap together like puzzle pieces! The connectors for each piece are not visible once the pieces are snapped together so you don't even see them. In the future you will see paved roads as well as cobbled sections. Everything that comes out in 15mm will also come out in 28mm.

* All roads sections come made of a colored resin, therefore there is no need to paint them if you don't want too.

* Roads are 1 3/4" wide

* Roads are made of a rigid resin. They do not bend, although I am working on this.

* All road sections come (at no extra cost) flocked. If you wish them unflocked let me know. The price is the same either way.

Now this is not the only thing on the design table for terrain at this time. So stay tuned for further updates.

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roadcliptop roadset
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